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Лингвистический центр «Medlinqua»
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Доступная среда
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Training of foreign students

The activity of the University on an international scale has become much more intense.

PSMU participates in export of educational services from 1992. More than 160 foreign students from 21 country (Morocco, Sudan, Algeria, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Israel, Germany, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Moldova) study at PSMU.

From 2016 training is realized in Russian with the use of English as intermediate language.

Training of foreign citizens is an important index of the University efficiency, an instrument of long-term international collaboration.

Dean’s office for foreign students coordinates the work of PSMU in training of health manpower for foreign countries – intake of students, execution of invitations, conclusion of contracts and their control, organization of training at preliminary courses, educational work and supervision at campuses, execution of graduation documents and their legalization in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation, solution of organization, methodic problems, organization of living conditions.

In 1996 preliminary courses of medico-biological profile were organized. More than 140 persons from 18 countries graduated from these courses. Students study Russian language, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Biology and a course of social-and-humanitarian sciences. After graduating from preliminary courses they are given certificates of graduation. Official acceptance to preliminary courses is up to 1 October.

Foreign students are provided with a living place in double or three-man rooms at students’ campus with access control in the centre of the city.

Foreign students make use of the University library and sports halls on a par with Russian students.

After graduating from the University students receive a diploma of higher medical education, qualification – a physician. They have the opportunity to continue education at advanced training courses and postgraduate courses and receive the academic degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences.

Foreign citizens come to Perm at the invitation of the University (study visa).

To receive an invitation the following documents must be presented (deadline — 31 August):

  • Copies of all passport pages (with legible writing of family name, first name, patronymic name, date of birth, place of birth, state of birth, citizenship, date of issue, expiry date of passport and its number);
  • Route of going to Perm;
  • Place of receiving visa (state, city of Russian consulate location);
  • Full home address;
  • State and region of permanent residence;
  • Place of work;
  • Business address (full address and name of organization/firm);
  • Appointment.

Preparation of invitation takes 1 month.

The University registers a foreign citizen at the local Department of Visas and Registration upon his/her arrival to Perm.

То enter the University the following documents should be presented:

  • Certificate of secondary education;
  • Birth certificate;
  • Health certificate;
  • AIDS certificate;
  • 12 photos 3x4 cm (mat);
  • Diploma of higher education in Russian and English (for postgraduates).

All the documents mentioned above should be translated into Russian and notarized. Translation of documents and notarization can be done either in the homeland or in Perm, at Perm State Medical University. Applicants should present both the notarized copies of documents and their originals.

For details please contact – Dean PhD Olga Sergeevna Lebedeva

tel. +7 (342) 217-09-04, E-mail: lebedeva.se@psma.ru

Training basis

Every year the University trains 500 specialists required by practical public health. During the years of its activity Perm State Medical University gave start in life to about 50 000 physicians. At 72 departments of different profile students are trained by 147 Doctors of Science (every third lecturer) and more than 360 Candidates of Science.

At the disposal of students there are eight educational buildings with modern lecture halls, clinical bases at multiprofile treatment institutions of Perm and Perm Krai, Clinicodiagnostic Center with polyclinics and dental clinic, Central Research Laboratory, fundamental scientific library with electronic reading hall and library stock exceeding 500 thousand copies, computer and phantom classes, museums, comfortable hostels.

Practical skill of students is perfected on mannequins, phantoms, at laboratories with modern devices and medical equipment, treatment-and-prophylactic institutions of Perm and Perm Krai.

Great interest and love to the future profession is acquired by students while participating in contests, competitions, quizzes in medical specialties. Students take part in research work, make reports at clinical, scientific-and-practical conferences of different level.


  • treatment
  • pediatric
  • stomatological
  • medico-prophylactic
  • higher nurse education
  • secondary professional education in the following specialties: “Nurse business”, “Laboratory diagnosis” and “Pharmacy”
  • advanced courses and professional retraining of specialists

Forms of training:

  • day training: treatment, pediatric, stomatological, medico-prophylactic, secondary professional education faculties
  • distant training: higher nurse education

Duration of training:

  • medical business — 6 years
  • pediatrics — 6 years
  • stomatology — 5 years
  • medico-prophylactic business — 6 years
  • nurse business — 5 years
  • secondary professional education — 3 years

Registered scholarships of:

  • President of the Russian Federation
  • Government of the Russian Federation
  • Perm Krai
  • The city of Perm
  • Outstanding scientists of the University: Academician E.A. Wagner.

Professors and Associate Professors: P.A. Yasnitsky, V.N. Parin, P.I. Chistyakov, P.I. Pichugin, L.B. Krasik, G.K. Knyazkova, S.I. Krylov, Z.Ya. Shur, A.F. Ivanov, K.N. Shapshev, B.I. Raikher, A.V. Pshenichnov, M.A. Koza, A.A. Lishke, A.I. Egorova, I.A. Meisakhovich, M.R. Mogendovich, M.L. Krasovitskaya.


Clinical residency trains physicians for public health of Perm Krai and other regions. Every year, more than 300 residents are trained on clinical bases of the University. Training of residents is carried out in 50 specialties on the bases of 43 departments. The priority specialties are: «Obstetrics and Gynecology», «Anesthesiology and Resuscitation», «Neurology», «Pediatrics», «Therapy», «Roentgenology», «Surgery», «Endocrinology» and many others.

For the first time since 2009 the residency in the specialty «Therapeutic Physical Training and Sports Medicine» is being performed.

Training bases for residents are treatment institutions of the city with clinical chairs of the University disposed there. Work of attending physicians is fulfilled by an individual plan that foresees all main parts of theoretical and practical training. During their training, residents perfect their qualification in management and public health administration. Most of them carry out research work.

After the second year of training, residents pass final examination and examination for specialist’s certificate.

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Адреса и контакты

тел.: +7 (342) 217-20-20
факс: +7 (342) 217-20-21
e-mail: rector@psma.ru



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